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Course Name Fundamentals of Microsoft VB.NET
Audience This course is intended for VB developers and other programmers who plan to use Visual Basic .NET for future application development.
Course Requirements You need Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above OR Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.78 or above.

Plug-in Requirements
Macromedia Shockwave plug-in for Windows for IE/NN
Macromedia Flash plug-in for Windows for IE/NN
- Introduction to .NET WBT
- Knowledge of programming and basic OOP concepts
- Previous experience in Visual Basic
Course Duration 3.2 hours
Course Objectives This course will teach the learner about creating projects in VS.NET. The learner will be able to define classes and declare objects and methods. In addition, this course will also discuss arrays and collections. It will also orient the learner on the commonly used programming constructs, such as comparison operators, loops, and if-then statements.
Course Outline
  1. Introducing Visual Basic .NET
    1. Fundamentals of Visual Basic .NET
    2. VS.NET Integrated Development Environment
    3. Creating Projects in VS.NET
    4. Defining Classes
    5. Declaring Objects and Methods
    6. Quiz
  2. Elements of the VB.NET Language
    1. Programming Features of VB.NET
    2. Arrays
    3. ArrayLists
    4. Collections
    5. Quiz
  3. Branching and Looping Operators
    1. If, Then, Else, and ElseIf Statements
    2. Comparison Operators
    3. Select Case Statements
    4. For Loops
    5. Do Loops
    6. Quiz