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List of Curriculums

Access 2000
Administering Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
C Programming
Client/Server Concepts
Computer Basics
Data Modeling
E-mail and Browsing concepts
Excel 2000
Fundamentals of RDBMS
Fundamentals of VB 6.0 Programming
Hardware Configuration and Troubleshooting
HTML Programming
Implementing SQL Server 7.0
Java Programming
JavaScript Programming
LAN/WAN Basics
Linux Fundamentals
Lotus Notes for End Users
Microsoft Site Server 3.0
Microsoft Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition
Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0
Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0
Network Security
Object-oriented Analysis and Design
PowerPoint 2000
Programming using C++
Programming with Active Server Pages
Project Management
SQL Programming
SQL Server 7.0 - Data Warehousing
Visual Basic Internet Programming
Web Server
Windows 98
Word 2000
Working with DreamWeaver
Working with Flash
Working with TCP/IP
XML Programming

Curriculum: Access 2000

    Course: Fundamentals of MS Access 2000          

  • Introduction to Microsoft Access
  • Creating Databases and Tables
  • Using Access Queries

    Course: Advanced Features of Access 2000          

  • Forms, Charts, and Pivot Tables
  • Working with Reports
  • MS Access on the Web
  • Securing & Administering Databases

Curriculum: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

    Course: Implementing SQL Server 7.0          

  • Introduction to SQL Server
  • Planning SQL Server Implementation
  • Setting up SQL Server 7.0

    Course: Managing SQL Server 7.0          

  • Configuring SQL Server 7.0
  • Managing Data
  • Managing Administrative Tasks
  • Setting up Data Replication

    Course: Managing SQL Server Security          

  • Preventing Data Loss
  • Securing SQL Server
  • Advanced Security Issues

    Course: Optimizing and Troubleshooting SQL Server 7.0          

  • Monitoring and Optimizing
  • Setup and Connectivity Problems
  • Replication and Backup Problems
  • Database and Query Problems

Curriculum: Advanced Java 2.0 Programming

    Course: Advanced Programming in Java 2.0 - Part I          

  • JDK Features and Enhancements
  • Exception Handling in Java
  • Threads and Multithreading
  • Java Data Base Connectivity

    Course: Advanced Programming in Java 2 - Part II          

  • JFC Swing
  • Two-dimentional API
  • JavaBeans
  • Java Networking and Security

Curriculum: C Programming

    Course: Fundamentals of C          

  • Basics of C
  • Data Types and Operators in C
  • Decision Making and Looping
  • Functions in C

    Course: Programming Constructs in C          

  • Working with Strings and Arrays
  • Introduction to Pointers
  • Pointer Relationships
  • Working with Structures and Unions

    Course: Advanced Operations in C          

  • The C Preprocessor
  • Advanced I/O Operations in C
  • Advanced Programming Concepts in C

    Course: Data Storage Manipulation in C          

  • Advanced Memory Operations in C
  • Linked Lists
  • Stacks, Queues, and Binary Trees
  • Bitwise Operations in C

Curriculum: Client/Server Concepts

    Course: Client/Server Concepts          

  • Client/Server Architecture
  • Classifying Client/Server Architecture
  • Developing Client Server Applications

Curriculum: Computer Basics

    Course: Computer Basics          

  • Introduction to Computer Basics
  • Introduction to Windows Basics
  • Basic Application Software
  • The Internet and the World Wide Web

    Course: Troubleshooting PC Problems          

  • Preventive Maintenance of System
  • Preventive Maintenance of Data
  • Troubleshooting Techniques

Curriculum: Data Modeling

    Course: Data Modeling          

  • Introduction to Data Modeling
  • Developing a Basic Data Model
  • Normalizing and Minimizing the Data Model
  • Developing the Physical Model

Curriculum: DHTML

    Course: Dynamic HTML          

  • DHTML Fundamentals
  • Using the Positioning/Elementary Keys
  • Using CSS Elements
  • Using Simple JavaScript

Curriculum: E-mail and Browsing concepts

    Course: E-mail and Browsing          

  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Working with Web Pages
  • Advanced IE 5.0 Features
  • Using Outlook Express

Curriculum: Excel 2000

    Course: Data Management in Excel 2000          

  • Data Formatting
  • Formulas and Functions
  • Data Management
  • Data Analysis

    Course: Advanced Tools of Excel 2000          

  • Excel Charts and Maps
  • PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Macros and Databases

Curriculum: Fundamentals of RDBMS

    Course: RDBMS Concepts          

  • Fundamentals of Database Systems
  • Types of Data Models
  • Relational Database Management System

Curriculum: Fundamentals of VB 6.0 Programming

    Course: VB 6.0: Development Environment          

  • VB 6.0 Basics
  • VB 6.0 Environment
  • VB 6.0 Applications

    Course: VB 6.0: Basic Programming          

  • VB 6.0 Data Types
  • VB 6.0 Programming Constructs
  • VB 6.0 Procedures and Classes

    Course: VB 6.0: Basic User Services          

  • Visual Basic Forms
  • Menus and API Functions
  • Multiple Document Interface
  • Custom Controls

    Course: VB 6.0: Testing and Distributing Applications          

  • Online Help
  • Error Handling
  • Debugging Tools
  • VB 6.0 Application Distribution

Curriculum: Hardware Configuration and Troubleshooting

    Course: Hardware Configuration and Troubleshooting          

  • Getting Started
  • Configuring a PC
  • Troubleshooting PC Problems
  • Troubleshooting Other Devices

Curriculum: HTML Programming

    Course: Fundamentals of HTML Programming          

  • Getting Started with HTML
  • Working with Images
  • Working with Forms and Tables

    Course: Advanced HTML Programming          

  • Web Site Planning
  • Advanced HTML
  • Advanced Internet Programming

Curriculum: Implementing SQL Server 7.0

    Course: SQL Server 7.0 - Basics          

  • Managing Databases
  • Managing Tables
  • Organizing Data

    Course: Basic SQL Programming          

  • Access Data using T-SQL
  • Manage Data using T-SQL
  • Query Data using Views and Cursors

    Course: Advanced SQL Programming          

  • Advanced Programming Features
  • Manage Transactions using T-SQL
  • Optimizing Execution Plans

Curriculum: Internet

    Course: Internet Basics          

  • Fundamentals of Internet
  • Browsing the World Wide Web
  • Interacting on the Internet

Curriculum: Java Programming

    Course: Fundamentals of Java Programming          

  • Introduction to Java
  • Basics of Java Programming
  • Classes, Packages, and Interfaces
  • Modifiers, Overloading, and Threads

    Course: Graphics Programming in Java          

  • AWT Programming: Java Graphics
  • Creating the User Interface
  • Advanced Graphics

    Course: Intermediate Java Programming          

  • The Language Package
  • Exception Handling in Java
  • The I/O Package
  • Java Utilities
  • Threads

    Course: Advanced Java Programming          

  • Java Networking
  • Database Programming Using Java
  • JavaBeans
  • Other Important Java Technologies

Curriculum: JavaScript Programming

    Course: JavaScript Fundamentals          

  • Getting Started
  • Object-based Programming
  • Working with Data
  • Building Blocks of Programs

    Course: JavaScript Programming          

  • Arrays
  • Object Hierarchy and Events
  • JavaScript Forms
  • String and Math Objects

    Course: JavaScript Browser Objects          

  • History, Date, and Time Objects
  • JavaScript Frames
  • JavaScript Windows
  • Documents and Style Sheets

    Course: Advanced JavaScript          

  • Using Advanced Document Properties
  • Implementing Cookies
  • Communicating Using Plug-ins
  • Managing Security and Scripts
  • Using LiveWire

Curriculum: LAN/WAN Basics

    Course: Networking Basics          

  • Networking Overview
  • Network Orientation
  • Protocols and Standards

    Course: LAN Fundamentals          

  • Getting Started
  • LAN Types and VLANs
  • Security and Maintenance of LAN

    Course: WAN Fundamentals          

  • Introduction to WAN Concepts
  • Data Communication
  • Digital Data Services
  • MAN and Internetworking

Curriculum: Linux Fundamentals

    Course: Installing and Configuring Linux          

  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Installing Linux
  • Configuring Linux

    Course: Using X Windows and GNOME          

  • Using the X Window System
  • Working with K Desktop
  • Working with GNOME

    Course: Linux Commands and Shell Scripting          

  • Using Linux Commands
  • Working with the Shell
  • Building Shell Scripts

Curriculum: Lotus Notes for End Users

    Course: Lotus Notes R5 Fundamentals - Part 1          

  • Introduction to Lotus Notes
  • Getting Started with Notes
  • Lotus Notes Messaging Service

    Course: Lotus Notes R5 Fundamentals - Part 2          

  • Databases
  • Documents
  • Calendars and Schedules

Curriculum: Microsoft Site Server 3.0

    Course: Implementing Microsoft Site Server 3.0          

  • Planning Site Server 3.0
  • Setting Up Site Server 3.0
  • Basic Configuration Tasks
  • Advanced Configuration Tasks

    Course: Managing Microsoft Site Server 3.0          

  • Publishing with Site Server 3.0
  • Managing Content
  • Delivering Information
  • Analyzing Content and Web Site Usage

    Course: Integrating and Optimizing Microsoft Site Server 3.0          

  • Integrating Site Server 3.0
  • Optimizing Site Server 3.0
  • Troubleshooting Site Server 3.0

Curriculum: Microsoft Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition

    Course: Overview of Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition          

  • Introducing Commerce Edition
  • Installing Commerce Edition
  • Commerce and Advertising

    Course: Implementing Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition          

  • Setting Up Commerce Sites
  • Working with Pipelines
  • Objects and ADO
  • Managing Ads
  • Customizing and Deploying a Site

Curriculum: Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0

    Course: Implementing Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0          

  • Overview of MTS
  • Configuration and Installation
  • Administering MTS

    Course: Developing Applications for Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0          

  • MTS Components
  • Implementing MTS Components
  • Creating Windows Clients
  • Setting Up Remote Clients
  • Creating Web Applications

    Course: Optimizing Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0          

  • MTS Administration
  • Monitoring MTS
  • Verifying MTS Functionality

Curriculum: Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0

    Course: Using Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0          

  • Overview of Visual InterDev
  • Creating Web Projects
  • Creating Web Sites

    Course: Scripting with Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0          

  • Scripting Basics
  • Working with Scripts
  • Debugging Scripts

    Course: Developing Applications Using Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0          

  • Accessing Databases
  • ADO and RDS
  • COM Components and MTS
  • Deploying Web Applications

Curriculum: Network Security

    Course: Fundamentals of Network Security          

  • Designing an Authentication System
  • Designing Access Control
  • Designing Network Auditing

    Course: Maintaining Network Security          

  • Planning Network Security Maintenance
  • Maintaining Security
  • Responding to Security Incidents

Curriculum: Object-oriented Analysis and Design

    Course: Object-oriented Analysis and Design - 1          

  • Introduction to Object-orientation
  • Objects and Classes
  • Object-oriented Relationships

    Course: Object-oriented Analysis and Design - 2          

  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Design Preface
  • Building a Design

Curriculum: Photoshop 5.5

    Course: Fundamentals of Photoshop 5.5          

  • Getting Started with Photoshop 5.5
  • Working with Photoshop Palettes
  • Other Commonly Used Palettes

    Course: Advanced Features of PhotoShop 5.5          

  • Working with Images
  • Working with Filters
  • Photoshop and the Web

Curriculum: PowerPoint 2000

    Course: Fundamentals of PowerPoint 2000          

  • Introducing PowerPoint
  • Managing Presentations
  • Working with Objects
  • Running and Printing a Presentation

    Course: Advanced Features of PowerPoint 2000          

  • Enhancing a Presentation
  • Performing Advanced Formatting
  • PowerPoint for WorkGroups

Curriculum: Programming using C++

    Course: Fundamentals of C++ Programming          

  • Getting Started with C++
  • Data Types and Operators
  • Flow Control

    Course: Programming Constructs of C++          

  • Functions
  • Arrays and Structures
  • Pointers
  • Classes and Objects

    Course: Object-oriented Programming using C++          

  • Implementing Inheritance
  • Virtual Functions
  • Advanced Functions
  • Overloading

    Course: Data Manipulation in C++          

  • Data Conversion
  • Streams
  • File Handling
  • Preprocessor

Curriculum: Programming with Active Server Pages

    Course: Fundamentals of Active Server Pages          

  • Getting Started with ASP
  • Application and Session Objects
  • Request and Response Objects
  • Server and ObjectContext Objects

    Course: Using ASP Components          

  • Basic ASP Components
  • Advanced ASP Components
  • Custom Components

    Course: Integrating Databases with ASP          

  • Using databases with ASP
  • Connection & Command Objects
  • Recordset, Record, and Stream Objects
  • Other ADO Objects
  • Publishing and Securing ASP

Curriculum: Project Management

    Course: Project Management Fundamentals          

  • Basic Concepts of Project Management
  • Initiating and Planning a Project
  • Executing and Controlling a Project
  • Completing and Evaluating a Project

    Course: Project Management Techniques          

  • Time Management
  • Cost and Risk Management
  • People Management

Curriculum: SQL Programming

    Course: SQL Basic Skills          

  • SQL Concepts
  • Performing Basic Queries
  • Performing Complex Queries

    Course: SQL Advanced Skills          

  • Working with Existing Tables
  • Creating and Modifying Tables
  • Using Advanced Features of SQL

Curriculum: SQL Server 7.0 - Data Warehousing

    Course: Planning an SQL 7.0 Data Warehouse          

  • Introduction to Data Warehousing
  • Data Warehouse Models
  • Designing a Data Warehouse

    Course: Implementing an SQL 7.0 Data Warehouse          

  • Managing Databases
  • Managing Data
  • Populating a Data Warehouse

    Course: Using SQL 7.0 OLAP Services          

  • Introducing SQL OLAP Services
  • Building an OLAP Database
  • Optimizing an OLAP Database

    Course: Optimizing a SQL 7.0 Data Warehouse          

  • Optimizing Data Warehouse Performance
  • Optimizing Backup and Restore
  • Managing Administrative Tasks

Curriculum: VB 6.0 Database Curriculum

    Course: VB 6.0 Database Basics          

  • Database Fundamentals
  • Connectivity Options
  • Database Access

    Course: VB 6.0 Database Connectivity          

  • Data Access Objects
  • Remote Data Objects
  • ActiveX Data Objects

    Course: VB 6.0: Implementing Database Applications          

  • Working with Controls
  • Working with Reports
  • Implementing Security Features

Curriculum: VBScript and ActiveX

    Course: VBScript Programming Basics          

  • Introduction to VBScript
  • VBScript Functions and Constructs
  • Object Model for Scripting
  • Error Handling and Data validation

    Course: ActiveX Programming with VBScript          

  • Using Active X Controls
  • Making your Web pages Interactive
  • Optimizing and Debugging Code

Curriculum: Visual Basic Internet Programming

    Course: Object-oriented Programming and COM          

  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Working with Classes
  • Working with COM

    Course: ActiveX Components          

  • Introducing ActiveX Controls
  • Types of ActiveX Controls
  • Working with ActiveX Controls

    Course: ActiveX Code Components          

  • Overview of ActiveX Code Components
  • Using ActiveX Code Components
  • ActiveX Documents and DHTML

Curriculum: Web Server

    Course: Web Sever Concepts          

  • Getting Started with Web Servers
  • Planning and Implementing a Web Server
  • Ensuring Performance and Security
  • Integrating Web Technologies

Curriculum: Windows 98

    Course: Basics of Windows 98          

  • The Windows 98 Environment
  • Windows Components and Explorer
  • Customizing Windows 98
  • Basic Windows Applications and Tools

Curriculum: Word 2000

    Course: Fundamentals of Microsoft Word 2000          

  • Introducing Word 2000
  • Creating and Editing Documents
  • Proofreading Documents
  • Formatting and Printing Documents
  • Advanced Formatting

    Course: Advanced Features of Word 2000          

  • Enhancing Word Features
  • Using Tables and Mail Merge
  • Working with Multiple Documents
  • Working with Graphics and Forms
  • Using Web-based Features

Curriculum: Word 2000

    Course: Fundamentals of Microsoft Word 2000          

  • Introducing Word 2000
  • Creating and Editing Documents
  • Proofreading Documents
  • Formatting and Printing Documents
  • Advanced Formatting

Curriculum: Working with DreamWeaver

    Course: Fundamentals of Dreamweaver 3.0          

  • Getting Started with Dreamweaver
  • Building Web Sites
  • Inserting Images and Tables

    Course: Adding Functionality to Web Pages with Dreamweaver 3.0          

  • Creating Frames and Forms
  • Working with CSS, Layers, & Templates
  • Working with Behaviors & Other Elements

Curriculum: Working with Flash

    Course: Fundamentals of Flash 4.0          

  • Getting Started with Flash 4.0
  • Using Animation Techniques
  • Building Interactive Movies

    Course: Advanced Features of Flash 4.0          

  • Programming with Flash
  • Creating Video and Using Authoring Tools
  • Interface Elements and Web Publishing

Curriculum: Working with TCP/IP

    Course: Introducing TCP/IP          

  • Getting started with TCP/IP
  • IP Addressing and Subnetting
  • Using Microsoft DHCP
  • Working with WINS and DNS

    Course: TCP/IP Protocols & Network Management          

  • TCP/IP Protocols
  • IP Routing
  • TCP/IP Network Management
  • Troubleshooting TCP/IP and Introducing IP 6

Curriculum: XML Programming

    Course: Fundamentals of XML Programming          

  • Introduction to XML Programming
  • Getting Started with XML
  • Elements and Attributes

    Course: Basic XML Programming          

  • Entities and Applications
  • Linking in XML
  • XML Style Sheets

    Course: Advanced XML Programming          

  • Working with XML Documents
  • XML and Programming Languages
  • XML and Internet Applications