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About TeachMeIT
Co-Brand Sites
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About TeachMeIT
What does Teach Me IT do?
Teach Me IT is a web-based information technology training and assessment service. Our clients are individuals who wish to acquire current technology skills in a self-directed online environment, or corporations, small businesses and organizations that want to provide this training to employees, or test job candidates.
How long has Teach Me IT been developing IT training?
Our e-learning development team has been developing IT training materials for over six years, for clients such as Gartner Group Learning, Oracle and Seagate.
Is training available on CD Rom?
Yes, for specific circumstances. Please contact us for information.
Co-Branded Sites
How does a co-branded site work?
You promote IT training, and provide prominent links in your navigation to your training area. These promotions and links are on your site, on your server. When the user clicks through to the IT training area home page, that page is the first of the co-brand. It features your logo, your look and feel, and some of your navigation. It also features IT course information, registration and sign-in boxes, and other helpful material. This page is actually on our servers. As the user drills down and begins to take a course, the co-brand design falls away and the user is completely within the training environment.
What does my user see when she accesses the courses?
We work with you to create a co-brand that reflects as much of your site experience as possible, making the transition to our courseware seamless for the user. See the Sample Co- Brand for an example.
Who builds the co-branded site?
We build the co-brand using our template, including your colors and branding.
Are there any other charges to the partner, such as for bandwidth or support?
No, as long as we host the courses.
How long is a partner contract?
One year.
Can the contract be cancelled?
Yes, either party can cancel the contract as long as 30 day's written notice is provided.
Can the partner reassign the contract?
Can Teach Me IT reassign the contract?
Yes. This guarantees unbroken fulfillment of the contract should any significant change in ownership of Teach Me IT occur.
Traffic, User & Intellectual Property Ownership
Who owns training material?
We own and retain all rights for our training material.
Who does the customer "belong" to?
It is necessary for the delivery of the training that the user register with us and become a member of our online community. However, each user is "flagged" in the database with an identifier for the partner through which the user came to us. That user is permanently associated with that partner.
Will you make customer data available to partners?
Yes, although only information on that partner's users will be made available to any given partner.
Will reports be made available to partners?
Yes, reports on user behavior will be available, but again, only for that partner's users. However, reports on aggregated anonymous user behavior across all Teach Me IT co-branded sites may be made available periodically.
Who does the partner represent when making a sale?
The partner represents only itself. The partner and we are independent contractors, and hold each other harmless against any claims. The partner has no relationship with us beyond reselling our IT training products, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Who receives credit for page views?
We receive the page views for all co-brand and training pages served by us.
Sales Transactions
Who charges the customer?
We handle the transactions when training is purchased. See the Price Sheet for current pricing.
Do you accept purchase orders?
We accept purchase orders directly from clients with 50 or more users, who meet our requirements regarding minimum purchase amount or number of licenses; please enquire. We do not accept purchase orders passed on to us from resellers. If you are a reseller you may accept purchase orders at your discretion and at your risk, but we will receive payment for our services as usual.
How often is the partner paid?
Once a month, 30 days after the end of the month in which the transaction occurred. For example, a purchase made on January 16 begins the 30 day cycle on February 1, and payment is made on March 1.
Can the partner charge the customer and pay Teach Me IT?
This is possible in exceptional cases. The reseller must make payment to us on the 15th of every month for the revenues collected the previous month.
Will Teach Me IT cross sell to customers?
Teach Me IT does not sell its training services directly to individual clients, only through partners. We want users to become loyal to our partners and the training we provide through our partners. However, Help in IT, Inc. has other IT services that may be of interest to our training clients and we reserve the right to inform them of these services.
Does the partner get credit for returning customers?
Each user coming to us through a partner is tagged with the partner identifier. As long as the contract is valid, users returning to us through the partner site credit the partner.
Can a customer receive a refund?
Not after the purchase is completed.
What happens if a customer does not pay, or reverses credit card charges?
A charge back is applied to the appropriate partner account.
Revenue Sharing
What percentage revenue share do partners receive?
We have three revenue share levels, providing the partner 20%, 25% or 30% of the invoice value, depending on exclusivity; prominence on co-branded site; and prominence in off-line advertising.
What happens if Teach Me IT pricing is revised?
The partner is paid the percentage on the invoice value as per the contract. Price changes affect only new purchases, so whatever has been purchased remains valued at that price.
Can partners sell to other resellers?
Yes, provided the partner informs us of any such arrangement and receives permission prior to the finalization of the secondary reseller contract. The original partner with whom we have a relationship remains our client, and our share of the revenue from each purchase of training services remains the same. The original partner manages the revenue split with the secondary reseller at its discretion.
How is advertising revenue split?
At this time we are not accepting advertisements on our co-branded pages.
Can the partner serve advertisement on the co-branded pages?
Hosting & Administration
Can partners host the courses and charge customers?
Yes, if the following conditions are met. The partner must be a publicly held company, in the U.S. It must pre-pay (and guarantee) a minimum of $100,000 in revenue share advance per annum. We must be provided user information and administrator access to the servers.
Can corporate clients host courses on their intranet?
Yes. If the courses are to be on the client's servers, the client must be – as above – a publicly held U.S. company pre-paying a minimum of $100,000 per annum. For an extranet arrangement, requiring a dedicated server that we host, the server and necessary bandwidth are billable to the client.
How do corporations and government clients manage and communicate with their trainees?
Corporate clients are assigned a single administrative password. That administrator then assigns access for selected users, and can monitor progress.
Can corporate customers access courses through their firewalls?
Yes. Corporate user browsers need only permit plug-ins.
What if the Teach Me IT site is down?
We employ multiple T1 lines and server redundancy, for completely reliable up time 24 hours a day.
How many users can the co-brand support?
We are fully scalable.
Is technical support available to clients?
Yes, primarily through e-mail. Additional support provided as needed.
Are co-op dollars available?
No. Our current revenue sharing structure provides the partner 20%, 25% or 30% of the invoice value based on several factors, one of which is the prominence of the IT training as a component the partner's marketing efforts. In exceptional cases, where our training and our brand receive a particularly high profile in a partner's large-scale marketing campaign, we can provide the partner an even higher percentage.
Can partners obtain exclusivity in certain territories?
We currently do not create exclusive partnerships based on geography or target audience. However, we will consider exclusive geographic sales territories outside the U.S. for CD-RM distribution only.
Can partners arrange to offer special promotions & bundles through TeachmeIT.com?
Yes. Please contact us.
Are marketing materials available to partners?
Yes. Electronic materials in the form of slide presentations, brochures, demos and other online resources are available and can be customized for the partner. We will also soon be offering online live walkthroughs and instructional seminars.
Curriculum Development
How often will Teach Me IT add courses?
We will offer at least 150 courses by the end of 2000, and will offer up to 200 additional training titles in 2001.
Will Teach Me IT add specific courses requested by customer?
We may change the priority of our course development schedule to accommodate requests if the training product adds value to our curriculum. Depending on a variety of factors, we may charge for this service. In any case, turnaround time for new course development can be as short as 8 weeks. We own all content we produce.
Will Teach Me IT develop courses on a custom basis for a client's proprietary material?
Yes. This is available on a custom basis, and at a custom negotiated price. In the case of proprietary material, the client retains ownership of the training product.
Will Teach Me IT sell or license its development or deployment engines?
Yes, in exceptional cases, most often when collaborating with a client to develop training products for proprietary material, as above.
Are certification courses available?
We are currently in the process of certifying all courses that can be certified. For others, we are creating our own certification standards.
Will Teach Me IT translate courses into foreign languages, if requested?
Yes. We are actively seeking reseller partners for language conversion. Translation to any given language will be applied to our entire library.