Convert your existing course material and/or integrate it into a complete Learning Management System…
   In today’s knowledge era, every corporate is gearing up to develop learning and produce a more knowledgeable, highly skilled, and satisfied workforce to increase its bottom line business results.    
   You need to develop a state of the art e-learning solution but you don’t want to initiate a new training system (or) you already own an enormous collection of training material, but it’s in a variety of formats, and are pieces of scattered information. TeachMeIT e-learning solution can create your training courseware from scratch or can convert your training, be it in any format, into an Internet ready format.    
   Our cost-effective content conversion service is complemented by our expertise in Learning Management Systems, which includes our ability to convert your current course material whether it’s text, audio, video, spreadsheets, databases, word processing files, or presentations into an accessible format.    
   We can also offer true content integration of your training material into a learning management system by creating a tailor-made "look and feel" using your existing company brand(s), color, and the logo. TeachMeIT e-learning solution drives critical information, knowledge and skills to your employees, partners, sales teams, and customers using your courseware.    
   Lastly, we understand the fact that you need a positive return, and to get it, your training content has to be compelling, interactive, effective and should impart learning efficiently. TeachMeIT e-learning solution has the required infrastructure to convert your large-scale training content for positive results.    
   To discuss your e-learning requirements, please contact a TeachmeIT representative at or complete this simple form and submit it. Our representative will get in touch with you shortly.

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