Find your right e-learning solution partner and create value within and outside your company…
   Training has never been more critical to the success of companies. Whether you need help identifying the right e-learning solution for your company, are looking for a partner to design and develop custom training courseware to distribute over the Internet, or need assistance integrating your new e-learning solution with your existing Learning Management System, TeachMeIT is your e-learning solution partner. We provide consulting, custom development, systems integration, as well as technical support, to help you find and implement the best e-learning solution for your company to advance its business goals and maximize its ROI.    
   Our team of talented developers, visual conceptual designers, course designers, media experts, graphic designers, programmers, copy writers and project managers work together to create exceptional training and assessment tools. We appreciate the fact that the only way to create a truly successful project is by meeting the highest creative and technical standards, and to have a full understanding of our clients' objectives.   
We have developed customized training material in a variety of areas including:
      Technical topics   
      Custom Training on proprietary applications   
      Sales Force Training   
   Before we begin to design your company's e-learning solution, we work with you to identify and understand your organization's core, fundamental goals. Only then do we begin to create an e-learning solution specifically designed to reach those strategic objectives. Our approach outlines: planning, design, development, and delivery of your e-learning solution. While we recognize that every client need is unique, our methodology provides a framework for success that has been developed in our work with our ever-growing clientele.   
   Using state-of-the-art e-learning tools, we partner with you to capture, configure, distribute, and leverage human capital – creating value within and outside your company. TeachMeIT creates custom courses focused on:   
      transforming your workforce skills and increasing productivity   
      optimizing sales channels   
      educating users of your products and services   
   We can also convert your existing classroom training to Web-based training with your subject matter expertise.   
   TeachMeIT custom course developers design courses focused on specific learning needs. With proven experience in designing a rich, interactive, e-learning user experience, TeachMeIT helps you create measurable activities - including learner performance assessments and course evaluations that demonstrate the learner's success - by easily accessible browser-based tools. And the real-time reports give you up-to-the-minute data on the dissemination of knowledge throughout your organization.   
   To sum it up, our primary focus is on helping you use e-learning to mobilize your organization to meet its business objectives. Knowledgeable employees, a well-informed sales channel, and educated customers are key drivers of business growth, and that is why TeachMeIT e-learning solutions are designed to have a direct, positive impact on your business.   
   To get a feel of our high-quality, dynamic e-learning environment, see a Course Demo.   
   To discuss your e-learning requirements, please contact our representative at or complete this simple form and submit it. Our representative will get in touch with you shortly.


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