Create a dynamic e-learning environment through effective automation of the learning management process…
   Effective automation of learning management is the key to efficient performance management of your people and your enterprise. A comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) delivers automation by consolidating access and management of the entire corporate learning chain for learners, managers, instructors, trainers, and system administrators. LMS saves time and money and effectively supports your e-learning efforts.   
   TeachMeIT offers the capability to create a globally scalable, Internet-based Learning Management System that allows organizations to quickly and effectively implement business strategies and achieve business goals through improved individual performance. Our LMS is delivered and managed via our robust technology and is complemented by a library of e-learning solutions.   
   Our ability to automate all the business functions associated with managing performance across the extended enterprise helps measure business and individual performance levels. Our custom course developers design courses focused on specific learning needs. With proven experience in designing a rich, interactive, e-learning user experience, TeachMeIT helps you create measurable activities - including learner performance assessments and course evaluations that demonstrate the learner's success - by easily accessible tools.   
   And the real-time reports give you up-to-the-minute data on the dissemination of knowledge throughout your organization. Tracking tools help you ensure that e-learning is driving knowledge and skills to the right people, mobilizing them to achieve your strategic business objectives.   
   TeachMeIT facilitates all user creation / registration and course assignment as part of the corporate administration feature. Tracking & Reporting Course and overall learning program effectiveness can be measured and you can track student progress and course completion percentages. For learners, the LMS tracks the complete learning experience and provides automatic book-marking so that students can resume their learning exactly where they left off.   
   TeachMeIT LMS solutions can be customized as per your needs and fashioned to your corporate 'look and feel' using your existing company brand(s), color, and the logo. Or, we can design, develop and deploy an LMS exclusively for your organization, thereby creating a dynamic e-learning environment.   
   Are you ready to create a dynamic e-learning environment in your organization?   
   To discuss your e-learning requirements, please contact a TeachmeIT representative at or complete this simple form and submit it. Our representative will get in touch with you shortly.   
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