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Elementary Computer Training Pack

TeachMeIT's Elementary Computer Training contains 5 courses for computer basics and computer troubleshooting. These courses enable the learners' grasp the fundamentals and basics of emerging domains such as Operating systems, Internet, Email, and configuration and troubleshooting.
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At the completion of these courses, your increased proficiency will provide a secure foundation for higher-level courses such as A+ Operating Systems and Core Hardware - the basic building block of any information professional.

Benefits to Individuals

  • Raises level of competency in IT and computer skills
  • Improves productivity at home and at work
  • Requires no prior knowledge of IT or computer skills
  • Provides an industry recognized qualification
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Benefits to Companies

  • Employees Work More Effectively
  • Quicker Cycle Time
  • Knowledge=Power
  • Get Jobs Done Faster
  • Eliminate Worker Frustration
  • Learn Shortcuts
IT Training is useful for all persons in many situations, be that at work or at home. TeachMeIT's Elementary Computer Training is intended for those who need to, or wish to, know how to use a personal computer. The online courses are suitable for every work discipline and for all ages

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Packages Price  
Elementary Computer Training   $49
Operating Systems     4.2 hours    
E-mail and Browsing     4.4 hours    
Internet Basics     3.1 hours    
Computer Basics     5 hours    
PC Configuration and Troubleshooting     4.9 hours    

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Operating SystemsThe Operating Systems a PC WBT is the third course in the A+ 2003 Certification curriculum and caters to the A+ Core Service Technician Examination 2003. This course describes different features of the Windows operating systems and provides users with an overview of different types of Windows files and utilities. It discusses the steps involved in upgrading Windows operating systems and troubleshooting Windows startup problems. Additionally, this course acquaints the student with basic processes of installing, removing, and accessing programs in Windows environment. This course also guides the student to efficiently manage files and folders in Windows. After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • list the functions of an operating system
  • identify different types of file systems
  • list the features of Windows 98 and Windows 2000
  • list the features of Windows XP
  • compare Windows 98 with Windows 2000
  • compare Windows 95/98 with Windows XP Windows
  • list the system files used by the Windows 9x operating system
  • list the system files used by the Windows 2000 operating system
  • list the main Windows components
  • list the different Windows utilities
  • list the commonly used DOS commands
  • describe the process for upgrading Windows
  • identify different methods for solving Windows startup problems
  • install programs
  • run programs
  • manage your files and folders
E-mail and BrowsingThe E-mail and Browsing WBT is meant for end users. It aims to teach the basic concepts of a browser, and the usage of Internet Explorer 5. 0, which is one of the most commonly used browsers. The course also provides an overview of the commonly used e-mail software, Outlook Express.
  • Describe different Internet Services
  • List the requirements for connecting to the Internet
  • Identify the features of Internet Explorer (IE) 5.0
  • Search for information using IE 5.0 Help tools
  • Open a Web page in Internet Explorer 5.0
  • Customize Web page display in Internet Explorer 5.0
  • Search the Web using the Search Assistant
  • Customize searches using the Search Assistant
  • Manage frequently-used Web sites
  • Save Web pages and content on your computer
  • Print a Web page
  • Configure security zones in IE 5.0
  • Configure security options for sending information over the Internet
  • Subscribe to a channel using IE 5.0
  • Manage channels using IE 5.0
  • List the components of the IE 5.0 suite
  • Join a meeting over the Net using Microsoft NetMeeting
  • Set up a mail account in Outlook Express
  • Send and read e-mail messages in Outlook Express
  • Organize and secure messages in the inbox
  • Subscribe to newsgroups using Outlook Express
Internet BasicsThe Internet Basics WBT describes the fundamental concepts of the Internet. The course lists the features of the Internet Explorer and helps a student perform tasks, such as search the Web and bookmark a Web page. It also explains the use of Internet for mailing, chatting, conferencing, and describes how to secure your Web browser. After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • List the uses of the Internet
  • List the components of the Internet
  • List the hardware and software requirements to access the Internet
  • Select an ISP to connect to the Internet
  • Use Internet Explorer 4.0
  • List the advanced tasks you can perform while browsing
  • Use various search tools
  • Perform search on the Internet
  • List the features of e-mail
  • Compose an e-mail message
  • Subscribe to newsgroups
  • Chat using Internet Relay Chat servers
  • List conferencing methods on the Internet
  • Secure transmissions over the Web
  • Acquire a rating for your Web site
Computer BasicsThe Computer Basics WBT explains the basic components of a PC and the use of Windows 98, which is the most common operating system. The course also provides an overview of commonly used application software in various categories, such as word processors, spreadsheets, database management systems, graphics, and presentation. It also provides an overview of the Internet and e-mail. After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe a personal computer
  • Describe different types of software used with PCs
  • Describe basic networking concepts
  • List methods for managing and maintaining a computer
  • Identify the features of the Windows 98 operating system
  • Perform basic operations on a Windows application
  • Perform file management operations using the Windows Explorer
  • Create a document using Microsoft Word 2000
  • Manage a Word document
  • Manage an Excel workbook
  • Identify the features of a database management software, a graphics software, and a presentation software
  • Browse the Web using Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Send and receive e-mail messages
  • Organize messages in the inbox
PC Configuration and TroubleshootingThe PC Configuration and Troubleshooting WBT discusses the hardware requirements for assembling a PC, the procedures of installing and configuring PC hardware components, and the methods of troubleshooting hardware-related PC problems.
  • Identify the components of a PC
  • Identify the types of motherboards
  • Identify the components of a motherboard
  • Identify the system resources used in a PC
  • Describe the process of assembling a PC
  • Describe the process of installing other devices
  • Prepare the hard disk of a newly assembled computer for installing the Windows 98 operating system
  • Tune the settings in the Windows 98 operating system
  • Install external devices and device drivers on a PC
  • Identify the types of diagnostic software
  • Identify the types of preventive maintenance for a PC
  • Troubleshoot problems related to the motherboard and File System errors
  • Take steps to prevent a system from crashing
  • Resolve memory, hardware, and other conflicts
  • Troubleshoot problems related to the display card, sound card, keyboard, and mouse
  • Troubleshoot problems related to floppy drives and CD-ROMs
  • Troubleshoot printer and modem related problems
  • Troubleshoot other Windows problems
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Customers' say.

The bundle is just great both in terms of number of questions and quality of the questions. I have learnt a lot about my new computer without having operated one before. Congrats!... Karen Jaw (Georgia, US)

I am extremely impresed with the quality of your product. Will recommend your products to my friends and will surely buy ur courses in furture also... George Spike (London, UK)

The different lessons and topics helped me focus my study on small amount and learn more... Omar Azhar (UAE)

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