Network+ Certification
   The Network+ certification is a testing program sponsored by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) that certifies the knowledge of network technicians with 18-24 months experience in the IT industry. It covers vendor- and product-neutral networking technologies and can serve as a prerequisite for vendor-specific IT certifications. CompTIA worked with a number of other prominent vendors to do the network technician job task analysis that was used to develop the Network+ Certification program and the objectives for the exam.

This certification is targeted towards two groups. The first group is Network Administrators with very little experience. The second group is technical professionals from a variety of fields who want to improve their effectiveness by learning more about the basics of networking. Typical duties performed are supporting existing networks, planning LANs, and developing technical solutions that incorporate a network component.

A+ Certification can be used as a prerequisite, but it is not necessary. A+ Certification certifies the knowledge of microcomputer hardware service technicians with six months of on-the-job experience.
Fundamentals of Networking
OSI Network Layers
TCP/IP Protocol
Accessing Remote Networks
Implementing Networks

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