Deliver standalone training and/or complement your existing training program....
   As one of the traditional methods of computer based training, you can use CD-ROMs to deliver training on individual workstations or in a learning center and arm your employees with a powerful tool. We understand the fact that your organization may not have either the demand or resources for a large-scale training program; therefore, dedicating one or several PCs to training your employees may be the perfect solution.

CD-ROMs are a convenient mode for implementing your training program fast by distributing them to employees. CD-ROM distribution can also serve to complement your instructor-led training, while giving employees and students a refreshing tool that reinforces their learning.

With TeachMeIT e-learning solutions, your employees have immediate access to an established learning community, with an array of courses to choose from. However, the easy availability and quick connectivity of the Internet might not apply to all - that is the reason why we convert our WBT courses to CD-ROMs. The courses, running off the CD give you the flexibility to deliver training to your employees in an effective and efficient manner.

Our CBT Expertise includes:
      Exceptional skills in instructional design, graphical interface design, visualization, programming, and management
      Proven instructional design methodology (we have used it to successfully design and implement over 250 WBT and CBT titles)
      Clearly defined standards and procedures for all phases of CBT development
      Subject matter expertise available from a pool of over 350 in-house developers in varied technology areas
   Unearth our rich pool of informative, interactive and educative WBT courses (that can be converted to CBTs with minimal effort) that will benefit you beyond imagination.
   Take a sample course to gain insights into the course structure.
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