At TeachmeIT, our primary focus is to provide you Internet -based e-learning solutions with many of the benefits they offer...
  These benefits include :

      Limited internal resources required for setup and maintenance, and courses don't need to be loaded on your servers.
      Your training site can be made functional within a few days, along with your complete Learning Management/Administration system.
      Employees and students can train anytime, anywhere they have access to the Web, 24x7.
      Our training site is updated seamlessly so vital content is always up-to-date.
      Fashion the site to your own needs and preferences. Brand it, customize it, and deliver it to your people!

With TeachMeIT e-learning solutions, your people have immediate access to an established learning community. We give you the benefit of choosing from an array of courses, and also the method in which you want to learn them: through self-paced learning, instructor-led classes or a blend of both. Because we host the training site, our courses are automatically updated on a regular basis. We have a team of instructional designers, writers, artists, programmers, training experts and consultants with more than 500 person years of experience, committed to your learning satisfaction.

We provide you the assessment tools to administer and monitor the entire training program and with our ongoing assistance if you prefer. Nevertheless, we will always be behind the scenes creating training courses and delivery options that drive your bottom line business results.

Whether you decide to deliver training over the Internet or in a learning center on your intranet; whether e learning represents your organization's primary training tool or is used to complement an instructor-led program, you'll always have a powerful tool for your employees.
Intranet-based Training

Companies and government agencies throughout the world have set up or are in the process of setting up an Intranet for different types of intra-office communications. These intranets are the perfect platform for your organization to deliver training to your employees. Intranet solutions offer flexibility in deployment and functionality as the training site can be customized and tailored to your organization’s needs and hosted on your local servers. Thus, giving you the authority to deliver training to your employees in a much more effective and efficient manner.
Training Features

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