Flexible learning through varied learning methodologies
and tools …
Features of Our Web-based Training
   The interface and content of TeachmeIT training courses is developed using instructional models and strategies in keeping with varied learning styles and requirements of the course audience. The basic principles of information mapping are used to analyze and design course material.
   The features provided in TeachmeIT WBTs allow for flexible learning through different types of learning tools, while at the same time maintaining a structured approach. The interface is simple but intuitive so as to enhance the learning, rather than distract the user.
   We develop our courses using a proprietary training engine that address the long-term goals of:
      Easy maintainability and functionality updates
      Minimal construction effort for WBTs beyond instructional design and creation of media elements
      Automation of pre-defined tasks to ensure consistency across WBTs
      Centralized Student Administration and tracking
Our WBTs offer:
      Course Overview identifying the prerequisites and audience profile for the course
      Quizzes after each section with Reports on questions attempted, correct and incorrect
      Mastery Test (for each course) containing randomly generated questions from a question pool
      Online Certificate on successfully clearing the mastery test
      Glossary link for additional reference
      Progress Tracking and ability to resume from where you last left the course
      Ability to jump to any topic in the entire course using the drop-down menus
      Administrative reports to view user activity and mastery test performance
      Coming soon:
  • Bulletin Boards (coming soon) with threaded discussions
  • Hypertext links to other modules and references
  • E-mail capabilities
       Our engine enables us to choose the deployment format for the training – we can use the same content for deployment over the Internet/intranet and CDs. The engine runs on SQL Server, MS IIS, and ASP. We also have the technical expertise (and relevant experience) to convert this engine to XML if required.
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